1 Ye'kuana mapping - AMAZON

A trip to the Upper Ventuari valley to help community members
1) map their territory, its geophysical cultural features, its BIODIVERSITY and 2) address nutrition and health issues of community members. Expect to see many birds and tropical flora too. Landscape? Mouth dropping. 1 week. 4 pax.

2 Ye'kuana schools - AMAZON

A second trip to help finish Map and continue health work, in addition to initiating a horticultural workshop with elders and children and completing a biodiversity and ecology book for village school. 1 week. 4 pax.

3 Dempster Highway - ARCTIC

Yukon and NWT, Canada. A ride up the infamous lone Dempster highway to help census Boreal and Tundra bird populations for Parks Canada, in addition to collaboration with Inuvialuit community members and school. Wildflowers, people and lunar-like landscape will change the nature of your spine. 10 days. 6 pax.

4 Botswana - AFRICA

A trek from Gabarone to Caprivi Strip, crossing KALAHARI, Moremi and finally Chobe national Parks of the OKAVANGO. We'll be looking at the interface of contemporary San culture, wildlife 'conservation' and Diamond mining. Expect many, many elephants. Birds up the wazoo. Africa, at its source. 10 days. 6 pax.

5 Costa Rica. Fall 2009.
Forests of stingless Honey. TBA.

6 NW Australia. Summer 2009.
From Songlines to Whale Sharks. TBA.

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* All of our trips are organized around community and conservation projects with whom we have had a prior and proven collaboration. Together our team has had decades of experience working in the field as biologists, wilderness guides, photographers, outreach coordinators and activists. Why help other people? We understand there is no such thing as a truly 'remote', pristine place left in the world today. Previously 'uncontacted' indigenous groups and minorities throughout the world are all having a difficult, if not disastrous time coping with the environmental and social entropy brought on by the brutal policies of Globalization. With the balance of world powers shifting from traditional nation-state dynamics to a single, top-down dichotomy between jet-setting, transnational haves and a worldwide potpourri of have-nots, we see it as a moral imperative to work together, across traditional boundaries, for global peace and justice, and ecological health. For more about today’s global civil society, read Paul Hawken’s ‘Blessed Unrest’, or take a quick look at the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1fiubmOqH4

. Some future destinations:
Dominican Republic. Medicinal plants and people.
Peru. Sustainable fish farming, medicinal plants & shamanism.
Moroccan Atlas - fighting desertification
Northern India - fighting deforestation

The universe is made of stories, not atoms. Muriel Rukeyser.

Images (c) Val Druguet, Dave Rosane & V. Grenon